Join Me for a Cup of Coffee?

coffeeIf you know me, you know that I  love coffee.  But it’s not that simple.

You see, it’s not really the coffee itself that I love – although it does taste good!  But more than that, it’s what the coffee represents that makes it so special.  You see, over the years, some of my most cherished discussions with friends and family have taken place over a hot cup of coffee.  We shared our lives over coffee.

So when I sit down with a cup of coffee, it doesn’t matter what the slogan on the mug says, or whether it’s latte or mocha, flavored or plain, iced or hot.  It doesn’t even really matter if it’s “caf” or decaf.  The real treat is that it brings back memories of some of the best parts of my life.

Those discussions were “real” – there was no pretense.  We talked about our lives, our  hopes and plans for the future, and we shared both celebrations and disappointments.  We talked about romance.  We talked about what we thought was going on…and what we later found was really going on behind the scenes.  About how we wanted to be significant – yet wondered whether, in the end, anyone will remember us.  We talked about our desire to be accepted by the holy God of the universe, and our own inadequacy before Him.  And we talked about how to really live out our faith in God in a very imperfect world.

Both in the past and today, through discussions over coffee, we are truly there for each other.   We talk out issues to help figure out what we really think about things – really listening and seeking to understand.  We encourage each other, we comfort each other, we help each other be better than we could ever be alone.

For all those reasons, the most enjoyable times of my life have been those I’ve spent time with others over a cup of coffee.

And yet…..

In today’s society, all too often we have our coffee “on the go,” slugging it down in the car or during a meeting, but not taking time to truly connect. And when we do sit down to talk, we are competing with cell phones and iPads.  I miss so much, by not having those quality discussions with my friends…..

My hope is that this blog becomes a series of discussions between friends “over coffee” –  a safe place where we can share thoughts on issues, deepen our understanding of God and our relationship with Him, and challenge and encourage each other to grow into the full potential God has for each one of us.

Whether you’re an “old friend” or “just stopping by,” I hope you’ll join in the conversation!