n1333022212_5636I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, grateful that He loves me even though I’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve it.  Every day, I learn a bit more about how to practically live out my faith in an imperfect world.  I get excited as I see God working when people earnestly seek to do His will.

I’m married to Eddie, the love of my life.  Together we are “parents” to Moe the cat.  And while we have no biological children of our own, we’ve been blessed more than we ever imagined by our Compassion sponsor children in various parts of the world.  Meeting them and developing relationships with them has taught us so much about unconditional love, true priorities, and has enlarged our vision of how Jesus intends His church to function in the world.  And so I’m also a volunteer with Compassion International, because I’ve seen first-hand how it enables people like you and me to partner with churches around the world, sharing Christ with their communities in ways they could otherwise never have done.

I’m a “slow but determined” runner.  When I run races, I sometimes feel like I’m racing just to reach the finish line before they close down the course.  I’ve learned a lot about perseverance just through running.

I love traveling around the world, seeing how the people really live and experiencing different cultures.  So you won’t likely not find me in tourist districts – rather you’ll see me hanging out with the locals, and eating what they eat.

I like engaging people in my town (or anywhere, for that matter) in candid discussions about life, God, and spiritual journeys.  Although I belong to one local congregation, I am passionate about connecting Christ-followers  from all over to serve God together and change the world.

Finally, I’m a chemical engineer, now working as an executive with a Fortune 100 company.  My passions are leadership and mentoring people to help them realize their full potential.  I especially enjoy mentoring young women in both business and ministry.


Disclaimer:  all views expressed in this blog are mine, and don’t represent the views of my employer, church, or any other organization with which I’m associated.